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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, and extend my skills and rich experience to those in need of rest and relaxation from this stressful world.  Many factors contribute to the body's reaction to physical, emotional, and psychological stress, causing adverse headaches, lower back pain, muscle strain and spasms, digestive problems, depression, and anxiety.  If dismissed, these problems become chronic and disturb to one's everyday activities, relations, and become a source of serious health issues.

One of the most effective ways to cope with such problems is granting your body the strength to endure and fight against such factors.  Loosening and empowering your muscles supplies to your entire body's mechanisms of defense by allowing adequate blood flow through unburdened veins and arteries, unbarring nerves and allowing them to work freely, contributing to one's posture, therefore, relieving one from undo head, neck, hip, upper and lower back pain.

Through centuries, massage has developed alongside many medicinal advancements.  It has seen tremendous breakthroughs in its usage and benefits.  It has progressed to include a variety of fields such as Therapeutic massage, Medicinal massage and Physical Therapy, Sports massage, and many more.  I specialize in these fields and their appropriate techniques, and offer my clients the best of which these skills provide.

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