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Karo Sarkisian, in my opinion, is an overall Excellent Massage Therapist!  He has helped me in so many ways, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone else who in interested in receiving, what I believe, is a really, very great, Therapeutic Massage! 
I have been one of his regular clients for nearly 8 years now, visiting him at least once every single month, for a 2 hour- Deep Tissue Massage.  Because two of my jobs, and one of my creative career pursuits, are extremely physical for my own body.  I need these massages regularly, just to keep me healthy, active, and "pain-free", so that I am able to continue to do what I do. 
Throughout these past 8 years, Karo has helped me during multiple times when I have had injuries; mostly strains and sprains, of joints and tendons, along with tired and tight muscles, as well as~ out-of-aligned bones,.... plus a serious knee injury a number of summers ago.  Because of Karo's first hand knowledge about working on these types of injuries, I have trusted him completely when he works on me, and as a result, he has really helped my body with it's healing process, so that my injuries and sore, tired muscles, are relieved of pain in as expedient and timely manner as possible.  With his vast experience, of over 20 years working in a hospital, and then numerous years since then, in private practice, working in Day Spas and Chiropractor Offices,.... he has, in my opinion, really risen "up and above", many of the other young, newly certified, and less-experienced, massage therapists out there, ... to a level of competency, that is truly exceptional!
If You are looking for a Great Massage Therapist, and a kind-hearted man, who truly cares about People, and wanting to help relieve them of pain, along with helping his clients to feel more relaxed,... then I think You should give Karo a try!  Not only is he an Excellent Massage Therapist, but he is a very nice man, who truly cares about his clients welfare and good-health.!
Linda Gaare
Holistic Massage Practitioner, Dancer, and Writer
I have been to many massage therapists over the past 36 years for serious back problems and chronic muscle spasms.
Some have been good while others were not to my liking.  Karo, however, is exceptional.  He know the muscles of the body like nobody else,
and has an inner healing ability to know how hard or soft certain muscles need. He finds tension in muscles I never felt before and releases it.
 I come away from a massage  from him feeling taller and lighter, and after the massage, he provides me with a cool bottle of water for the
ride home, with instructions on what to do and not to do. Having had shoulder surgery, injections, chiropractic, physical therapy, etc. I can honestly say that he has helped me when none of those modalities could.  He is one of those rare true healers and I am so grateful to have found him.
Dr. Jodi Rowe, LCSW
18345 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 300
Tarzana, CA. 91356

(818) 609-7555


"I've had massages at spas all over the world, but Karo's massage beats them all!! He has a really good sense of which muscles to rub in order to get rid of your pains, and he doesn't move on to a different body part until he's really worked through the knots. Getting a massage with Karo is a total body experience, and after going to him, I can no longer get massages at places like Burke Williams or hotel spas because they just doesn't live up to my expectations. If you like deep tissue massages, Karo is your guy! My whole family goes to him and everyone is very happy."

Serineh Baghdasarian
Attorney at Law

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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